STD Testing Price – Average Costs & Savings With Online Discounts

STD Testing Price – Average Costs & Savings With Online Discounts


Free test is sometimes offered to patients who are covered by health insurance. The laboratory copy is charged at $10 to $30 per test. A patient is charged $50 to $200 at a doctor’s office and if health insurance does not cover them. Some patients prefer visiting private doctors as they wish to keep their result private. The patient can visit private companies that test STD and that does not accept health insurance. The company charges $50 to $150 per test. The test is done depending on the illness. The company also charge about $300 to $400 for a package of seven to ten STD tests that also including HIV. Many clinics offer free STD testing. They also provide the service at a discount. Universities health clinics usually offer a discount on STD testing for students. A patient can also get HIV test using a home access test kit that is accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA). The patient gets this kit and collects their blood samples at home. The patient then sends the blood sample to the laboratory for testing. They get their result through a counselor. The process usually cost between $45 and $60. Insurance plans cover tests for STD annually or in a routine wellness basis or for those patients who are at risk or by order from the doctor as a result of symptoms.

STD Pricing for Revisit

A patient has to be HIV retested after three to six months. It is known as window period. A patient would be tested again if they had unprotected sex within the time limit. They also get retested for STD. A patient could add $80 to $200 for a revisit. The patient who is covered by insurance can pay a doctor’s revisit copay of $10 to $30.

Free and Discount Online Centers

A patient can get free or discounted testing from websites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a list of sites that test STD. An individual can also call 1-800-CDC-INFO for a recommendation.

Private and Confidential Testing

Doctors or gynecologist will recommend the STD test their patient should take. It will depend on the sex and age and also symptoms and sexual activity. A patient gives their name and contact at the testing center for confidential screening. A patient is required to give their number only without their name in anonymous testing to hide identity. HIV collection kit can be sent to the patient at home for privacy purpose. The patient then sends the blood sample to a laboratory for testing. FDA provides the home address. The kit can be purchased at pharmacies or the company’s site. Private companies also offer anonymous STD testing. The patient orders the test online and gives their sample and number by visiting a clinic.