• Anonymous STD Testing – Things You’re Not Aware Of

    The health sector is one area that requires maximum confidentiality and, that is why doctors and health officers the world over have an inculcation of taboos that barricades them from exposing patient-doctor issues. STD testing is not left behind. It seeks to make the results of the patients as secretive as possible.

  • At Home STD Testing Or Lab test

    All STDs are treatable. The sooner treatment begins, the better the results and the less discomfort and worry the patient experiences.

  • Do You Know How Alcohol & Drugs Increase The Chance Of Contracting STD

    Most of the great people in the past and today's world are fond of consuming alcoholic drinks or drugs. This behavior is in connection with the accelerated rise in STD’s among substance abusers in this modern era.

  • Does STD Testing Differs Depending Gender Of A Individual – Infographic Presentation

    The physical appearance of men and women are different, so are their body parts. When we talk about the tests for the sexually transmitted diseases, we assume that all the limelight will be in the private parts of the body.

  • Where To Get Tested For STDs – Options You Might Don’t Know Yet

    You could go to a few different places when you need an STD test, but you must choose one that makes you comfortable. The list is short, but each one offers a level of comfort that will help you feel secure when the test is complete.

  • Generality on Gonorrhea

    Gonorrhea or "hot piss" is sexually transmitted disease (STD) or a venereal infection caused by a bacterium called "Neisseria gonorrhoeae".

  • Evolution of Gonococcal infection and complication

    Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that exists only in humans. It can also be transmitted to the newborn during delivery if it is not detected; as a result, Nesseria gonorrhoeae infection develops differently in adults and children. If the disease is not treated in time, the complications will appear.