Full STD Panel – What Does It Cover & Who Needs The Full Test Panel

Full STD Panel – What Does It Cover & Who Needs The Full Test Panel

Full STD Panel and the Panel Test Information

The STD Panel Matters

The Comprehensive STD panel really does matter. This panel will reveal necessary medical information about sexually transmitted diseases. It is vital to know the status of any STD. These are blood and urine tests that will alert medical professionals about sexually transmitted diseases that may have been contracted. The following can be determined through this panel:

  1. HIV
  2. Syphilis
  3. Herpes l and ll
  4. Gonorrhea
  5. Chlamydia
  6. Hepatitis

The STD panel does matter because your health matters. The panel of tests will determine the proper treatment and medical care that may be needed. Peace of mind will be the outcome of the STD panel because infections do spread. Knowledge is power.

The Overview of the Full STD Panel

The full panel STD testing is going to provide solid and clear information about your sexual health status. It is vital to be informed. These tests will rule out STDs too. Some people have carried a STD and were not even aware of it. Symptoms of a STD will not always be apparent. The standard STD panel is discreet and convenient. Blood and urine testing is completed by a qualified laboratory professionals. A urine analysis and a blood sample will detect any abnormalities travelling through your body. A tissue scraping or culture of blisters can determine if the herpes virus is present. Typically, there is no pain involved with the full test panel. A poke by a needle or a swab of culture is quick and confidential. The full STD panel will cover all of the possible STD diseases. The tests are performed by medical professionals or other methods. The results will be found in the laboratory. A medical professional will provide needed information about the full STD panel. The results will determine any necessary treatment options.

Who is a Candidate for a Full STD Panel Test?

You may have questions about when to obtain a full STD panel test. Who would be a good candidate to obtain this testing? Keep in mind, many physicians have will have their own personal opinions. There are some general guidelines for obtaining the full STD panel test. The following factors may make you a good candidate:

  1. Sexually active and have had multiple partners
  2. Lack of protection during sexual activity
  3. Sexually active females under the age of 25
  4. A male having sex with other males
  5. Any person who has HIV
  6. Those who have engaged in sex against their will

These are a sample of the factors that could determine if you are a candidate for a full STD panel test.