Anonymous STD Testing – Things You’re Not Aware Of

Anonymous STD Testing – Things You’re Not Aware Of

What is the meaning of anonymous STD testing?

Sexually transmitted diseases are among some of the dangerous infections that have emerged in the recent times; this because inappropriate treatment and diagnosis could lead to detrimental impacts on the health condition of the individual. They are contagious infections; some of these infections that are common in the United States include; herpes, HIV, and the chlamydia. The goodness is that these diseases are diagnosable by a simple blood or urine test. One of the factors that make the infections dangerous is the fact that it can remain in the blood for a long time without showing signs and symptoms.

How to ensure total anonymity.

People do not like their health information revealed; this would then necessitate the use of different names that would appear on the test results to hide your identity. It would be important to print out the prepaid requisition from which would be produced at the draw center; the professionals at this location will not ask you to show your id but just use looks to detect the age. Unlike the traditional testing methods where one had to travel long distances to get their results; the results of the test will be showed on the website after 3 to 5 business days. There is a firm assurance to the client that their test result information would be so confidential that even the doctor or the insurance company will not know unless you advise them.

Anonymity and confidentiality of STD testing

The health sector is one area that requires maximum confidentiality and, that is why doctors and health officers the world over have an inculcation of taboos that barricades them from exposing patient-doctor issues. STD testing is not left behind. It seeks to make the results of the patients as secretive as possible through the following ways:

  1. PHI

It is an acronym that stands for protected health information. It implies the fact that the patients past and present health record is a secret and is not accessible by any other undesired individual. STD testing centers are committed to making factors of one’s health private and confidential.

  1. Private testing

Testing is done in such a way that is very confidential. The results are attached to the patient’s identification details, and no one else has access to the information even one’s best friend.