Discreet Ways To Get Condoms And STD Tests

In a normal world, you could discuss most things with friends, elders or parents; because you believe they could offer advice and insight on all sorts of situations. But, sometimes people feel awkward and uncomfortable in discussing some things or getting some items that are related to lifestyle, sex life health issues e.g shopping for condoms which are an essential tool to protect yourself against STDs.

After having unprotected sex, on the other hand, you might begin to wonder if you’ve contacted a sexually transmitted disease (STD), this assumption after falling a victim of unprotected sex can be stressful, both emotionally and physically. One thing is the inevitable solution; getting tested and treated- this is very important for your physical and mental health.

Transiting  between these two situation of – getting a condom to practice safe sex and – getting tested for STD in case of unprotected sex can be intimidating for some people, especially those who are worried of being caught red-handed in the drugstore buying a condom or those who feel awkward of getting STD test done while raising concerns about their privacy. Nevertheless, buying condoms and getting tested for STDs shouldn’t be embarrassing at all, as personal health care is a way to show you take full responsibility and control over protecting the life of you and your partner.

Interestingly, these are many Discreet ways to get condoms and STD tests, choose a method that is more comfortable for you and don’t forget to know your health status, don’t forget to take pride in yourself for being responsible sexually and practicing safe sex. The following tips will help you prepare yourself in getting condoms Discreetly.

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  • Relax and Be Bold: – relax, keep cool and remember that buying a condom is normal, it makes you responsible. You might feel like everyone is looking at you, but the truth is – no one is paying much attention as you are not the only one to ever visit the store to buy a condom.
  • know What you Want before Setting Out:- make your research, know the type of condom you want, determine the brand, size (large or small), material (latex, nitrile, polyurethane, lambskin, etc) and price – going into the store with the aforementioned knowledge of what you want will prevent you from spending much times in the store.
  • Go to a store outside your proximity: – choose a store which is far away from your area to keep you away from meeting familiar faces. Knowing that you might not be meeting any relative, friend or family will build your courage when buying a condom.
  • Avoid visiting the store during peak hours:- stores are mostly found to be less busy in the early hours of the day and very late at night, you can visit the store during these hours when there are few/no shoppers to avoid meeting people you know when buying condoms.

You can also use the following methods in making your condom purchase Discreet

  • Include other items in your cart: – buying other items in your cart before buying condoms or, covering the condoms you’ve purchased with other things you’ve bought will prevent people from seeing only the condoms in your cart.
  • Go to convenience Store: – convenience store is smaller, they have fewer people. So, to avoid the echo of the mention of “condom” amidst the large crowd of a shopping mall, consider visiting a convenience store.
  • Buy them in bulk: – to avoid going to the store at all times, consider buying your condoms in bulk and store in a cool and dry place – also be sure the products you purchase are not expiring soon.
  • Go to an adult store:– Going to an adult store if you are over18 is another option if buying condoms Discreetly- at an adult store, almost everyone is buying sex-related items, you won’t feel out of place going there.
  • Order for your condoms online:- plenty of online stores enable you to order for your condoms, lubricants, dental dams online and get it delivered to your house,

Getting your STD tests carried out Discreetly

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Practice safe sex, this will enable you to protect yourself and your partner from getting pregnant and contacting STDs. If you’ve engaged in unsafe sex or you’re thinking of becoming sexually active or you want to change your partner, make sure you get tested – don’t worry, you could get yourself confidential STD test and treatment – if you think getting your STD test with your family doctor feel awkward, the methods below will assist you in getting your STD tests carried out Discreetly.

  • Consider visiting Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood tests you for STDs confidentially. They educate you about birth controls, and can even offer you condoms free of charge or at less cost. They have over 700 centers across the United States, visit plannedparenthood.org to find the center nearest to your location.
  • Visit a local or state clinic: state and local health departments are committed to stopping the spread of STDs across the United States. They offer a free test in some regions, go online to search for your state or city government to find the service in your area.
  • Get home test kits. Getting Ora Quick, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for HIV test. Although the sale of other test and treatment for STDs that are not approved by the FDA are strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, test such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can be done in areas like Washington and Minnesota using a home STD kit from Planned Parenthood, the instructions are followed and the test is mailed to a laboratory. Planned Parenthood will then follow up on the results.

Make sure you and your partner are tested before engaging in sexual activities and use condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs, your health should come first! Take responsibility!