Seniors and Dating

An important part of life which contributes greatly to happiness, healthy living and general well-being is being in a relationship and having a companion – that’s why people tend to marry. Before marriage however, there is a period of courting, whereby individuals get to know more about each other. Often, this activity is usually common among the teenagers and young adults; nobody expects to find it among 50s, 60s and even 80s.

As much as it’s viewed to by ideal among young adults, don’t even think it’s uncommon among older adults. According to a study, a large number of the United States citizens are single, either due to divorce or the loss of one partner. The reality is – they don’t choose to stay that way, they are victims of circumstances. However, in seniors, taking the bold step of pursuing a relationship can be difficult and intimidating.

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Are you ready to take that bold decision?

As a senior, if you are ready to forgo that lonely life of singleness – especially after the death of a wife/husband or a divorce, you need to consider getting a companion to be your comforter. Having been dated long time ago, several factors should be considered when making the decision – you ask yourself! Are you really ready to get back into dating? Just getting out of the trauma of the loss of loved ones or unexpected divorce can be challenging, make sure you are ready emotionally to Kickstart a new relationship. The truth is – there is no particular fixed number of days, weeks or months to get back into dating after heartbreak. All you need is to brush up on the modern-day etiquette of dating – if you’ve dated long in the 70s or 60s

Once you’ve decided, make a decision on the type of relationship you are looking for – are you hoping to get married again? Or do you care for a companion to get along with, have conversations or coffee with? Define your relationship and be ready to be realistic with your potential partner. Once you heart is set to have a go at dating once again, be ready to enjoy your new adventure, don’t let the bitterness of your previous relationship hold you back from enjoying the current stage of your life, make sure you aren’t languishing in the deep valley of your despair.

Seniors getting back to dating

Being positive in your response to the above questions will give you the go ahead into your new phase of life. To be realistic, because it’s been long since you dated – you might be unaware that the dating world has changed, unlike the past – it doesn’t matter who makes the first move. Just like before, the usual places still retain the option of meeting new people. Places of worship do have activities for seniors – monthly luncheons for widowers and widows, senior meetings do open-up avenues for seniors to meet one another.

Senior citizen center is another option for older adults to meet each other, there are more than 10000 senior centers in the United States that offers different programs – meals, recreational activities, fitness sessions, travel groups are being organized for seniors to keep them in shape and keep them happy.

Online dating is another platform for seniors to get back into the dating world, although there are no hard rules into dating, there are guidelines that can prepare you for what to expect in the modern world of dating before jumping to make an online dating profile and start hitting the button.

Online Dating for Seniors

Even though internet facilities, dating sites are not rampant the last time most seniors were in the game of dating, yet, they could do with few tips in addition to their experience to get going into the world of online dating. It should be understood that there are lots of online forums and dating websites that are specifically designed for older adults to enable them find partners who share similar interests with them. Interestingly, 2013 Pew Research Center Study found shows that about 6percent of Americans – 50 years and above had used an online dating application or website because it’s easy to meet potential partners for seniors.

Before signing up for an online dating, make sure you do your research well to enable you decide what is right for you. The following guidelines will assist you

  • Everybody you come across on an online dating platform have different dating goals, few will be written on their profile – you can chat anybody up to clarify any information that interests you.
  • On an online dating site, talking to several people or dating several people is not uncommon.
  • Irrespective of the gender, anyone can make the first move.
  • He careful of online scams, don’t give your personal information to anyone, except you’re very sure of the person’s personality.
  • Before deciding to go on a date with someone you met online, chat then up to know them better – no harm in chatting with multiple people to know the one who really suits you.

Dating Tips for Seniors

You will agree with me that dating has evolved from what it used to be in the past couple of decades, the following tips will be of help in your dating adventure

  • Irrespective of your gender, be ready to pick up the check or accept the check – be prepared!
  • Use flirting expressions to test the waters – to know if the person is interested in you, use eye contact, gazing, smiling, slight touch during discussions to make your analysis.
  • When you are on a date, be polite, respectful and courteous.
  • To ensure safety, if both of you are meeting for the first time, choose a public place.
  • Starting as friends is another technique towards getting into date – some friendships do leads to dating.

Online dating sites and applications for seniors

There are lots of online websites and dating applications for seniors’ base on their lifestyle, hobbies, interests etc. E-Harmony uses a compatibility matching system that categorizes potential partners from thousands of seniors based on location, interest and hobbies., Out Time are some of the platforms for seniors hoping to date again.

At 50 and above, you can still have a meaningful relationship – the right person to keep you happy might just be a click away from you. Make sure you enjoy your dating and don’t forget to practice safe sex – especially during those “heart-pounding kisses” grinning and blushing moments. Be ready to unleash the teenager in you once again!