Tennessee STD Testing

Before now, STD testing was optional, something you could do when you feel like. But new estimates show that there are about 20 million new STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) in the United States each year. With this new figure, STD testing has moved from being an option to a sign of responsibility. It is what every decent human should do regularly.

STD outlook in Tennessee

Statistics have shown that in the United States, overall, Tennessee ranks 11 out of 50. The figures below also show that STD testing in Tennessee is a wise choice for anyone who is sexually active.

  • In 2014, the number of people living with HIV in Tennessee: 16,163.
  • The rate of persons living with diagnosed HIV in 2014 per 100,000 persons: 295.
  • In 2015, the number of new HIV diagnosis: 712.
  • Number of deaths of persons with diagnosed HIV: 297

Tennessee STD Testing

With the current STD figures (which is really high), protecting yourself is important. For STDs, protection begins with testing. Knowing your STD status will give you peace of mind and help you stay safe.

These tests are all-inclusive and cover 10 of the most common bacterial and viral STDs reported in the United States. The tests are comprehensive and include:

  • HIV TYPE 1 Test
  • HIV TYPE 2 Test
  • HERPES 1 Test
  • HERPES 2 Test

More so, these tests are 100% FDA approved.

Testing locations in Tennessee

There are several STD testing centres in the country. These sites are:

  • Private and highly efficient.
  • Professional, with teams, made up of highly skilled and confidential specialists.
  • Well equipped.
  • Quick at delivering STD services to patients.
  • Known for making test results available in less than 48hours.
  • Well distributed in a way that enables easy access to sites close to you.

STD testing in Tennessee has become so easy it is only a click away. If you are not sure and need professional counsel, the online counseling will help you make up your mind.

Discounts in STD testing in Tennessee

The question most patients ask is whether there are low-priced or discounted STD testing. The answer is a definite YES. In Tennessee, you can enjoy low prices and discounted rates on your STD tests. Many online testing sites offer these options, including discount coupons that patients can cash-in on. Here are some online testing sites that offer trusted discount rates and coupons

MyLAB Box is an online STD testing site that offers low price testing, discount coupons, and private STD services, to residents of Tennessee.

At Personalabs.com you will discover promo codes and coupon codes that you can get to enjoy low price testing services anywhere in Tennessee.

On STDCheck.com (an online STD testing site), the offer includes quick tests and results in s private and confidential atmosphere, plus discount coupons that help you save money on STD testing.

STDtestexpress.com is popular for the special offers (including discount coupons) which patients claim online for an almost free STDs testing.

What are you waiting for? Be responsible; make your STD testing appointment today.