STD Testing in South Dakota

What is an STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases, abbreviated as STDs are a number of diseases caused by certain harmful organisms that are transmitted through sexual contact. These diseases include AIDS, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Trichomoniasis etc.

Is Early Detection of an STDHelpful?

The deadly these fore mentioned diseases are, the early they should be detected through STD testing. If detected on time, the patients can be managed with great ease and can be treated effectively.

How Dangerous Could a Late Diagnosis Be?

A late diagnosis could be as dangerous as the exacerbation of symptom to being fatal in many cases. Delaying the testing and therefore leading to a late diagnosis provides the organisms causing sufficient time to grow and reproduce inside the body of the victims causing a number of associated ailments.

South Dakota and STD:

South Dakota has been of great importance to the medical men and the government because of the alarming increase in the number of STDs that contracted in the people living there in the past few years.

South Dakota STD testing:

One can easily get themselves tested by finding test centres near their location. Testing can be done online also. Testing is FDA approved and can detect HIV RNA in blood 9-11 days after exposure. The test does not require a number of fancy protocols, it does not even require undressing. The reports can be collected online and are always kept confidential. For the 10 test panel testing, no fasting, swabbing or undressing is required and the fee is also reasonable to cover.

What happens when you are STD positive?

On very unfortunate moments when someone turns out to be STD positive, he/she is referred to an expert specialist who will manage the patient and treat them in the best manner possible.

STD and infection Data for South Dakota: The increase in the rate of STD in South Dakota over the past few years is alarming.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The South Dakota Health Department conducts a surgery every year to check and calculate the epidemiology of STDs there.

Here are the results of the reports:

  • In 2010, 57% of males contracted HIV  by having sex with other males (MSM).
  • heterosexual intercourse (intercourse with the opposite sex) contributed in a 16.4% of the total STDs in South Dakota.
  • In South Dakota, 28% of the people who were diagnosed with HIV progressed to AIDs only in 12 months or even less.
  • 28% people in South Dakota suffered from a consequence of late HIV diagnosis.

Conclusion of The Results:

It is expected that around half of the people residing in South Dakota with contract an STD once throughout their lifetime. An early testing can help one get away with the symptom exacerbation.

STD Testing, up to 50% discount:

One can enjoy up to 50% discount on the STD testing through online coupons or promo codes that one has to use when getting an appointment for an STD test.

STD testing at low prices:

There are a couple of companies that provide STD testing at a very reasonable cost so that people who have a relatively tighter budget can get themselves tested.

Here are the websites: It provides a number of packages according to the needs of the customers coming with an early and regular HIV RNA detection which covers 10 important tests. Tests can also be done separately for each disease with a price as low as $24.

MyLabBox : It offers test combos which come with a surprisingly reasonable fee, and not only that, it offers a promo code “Aprilfools” and gives 25% discount right away because it doesn’t want one to be an April fool and keep believing that he/she can’t contract an STD, rather get tested.