Puerto Rico; Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Testing

A sexually transmitted disease is not a new topic in the health care system but it still has a lot of misconception highly attached to it. It is still a wide epidemic globally and Puerto Rico is not left behind. It is a disease that is attached to a lot of stigmas so it is not really a topic of discussion. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are one of the most endemic diseases in Puerto Rico today with a rate four times higher than normal. Sexually transmitted diseases are usually passed from one person to another through sexual intercourse but there are also some other means of transmission which include sharing of needles, oral foreplay, and breastfeeding. To check the spread rate of STD and to detect the disease early so that treatments will be administered to infected patients, more than 4000 thousand testing centers are now available all around the country. The essence of this blog is to educate people about the severity of STD

STD Test Locations In Puerto Rico

With the above stated, the government has approved a lot of laboratories across the country to act as diagnostic centers for STDs. This is to enable the public check their STD status without stress, to be able to establish and for individuals to know their status. Medical doctors are also available on site to be able to address issues related to all patients and to provide treatment options for both patient and sexually active partner.

Puerto Rico STDs Disease Data

Puerto Rico sexually transmitted diseases remain public health epidemic. With a rising rate of newly infected cases daily, the CDC carried out a statistics and reported that there are about 19million new cases every year and about half of this numbers are children between the ages of 15 – 24. With the most being Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. The rate of HIV has also increased, with about 15 thousand cases each year.

Can I Get A Discount On STDTesting?

There are a lot of STD testing clinics that give some percentages of discounts on your first order. There are also a couple of clinics that do offer their services for free. So yes! You can get discounts. All these tests are strictly confidential and results are sent only to you

Sites That Provide STD Testing AtLow Prize With Help Of Discount Coupons

Due to the high and unaffordable prizes of STD testing packages, a lot of people fail to get their status checked or even updated as a result the battle against STDs is never-ending. So, some few sites have come up with measures that can be used to assist people thatare less able to afford the testing. Sites like personalabs.comSTDtestexpress and MyLabbox.com. These labs carry out over 100 types of STD testing with patients digressions protected and results are out in no time at all. With flexible payment options like PayPal and no paperwork is required from you at any time during the procedure.