New Mexico STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) most of the time are an uncomfortable topic to have as a discussion but that does not eliminate the fact that it might be more popular than expected, not to mention that New Mexico has been found to be the fifth state with the most people living with STDs.This statistical ranking is in no way a comforting news; rather it is a wakeup call to the need to take precautions if one is sexually active. An active precaution in this sense will involve being tested for STDs and following up with cautionary measures.

STD testing in New Mexico since the ranking is taken very seriously especially but not exclusive to the two most common type of STD infection among the population which are Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Other types of STD testing in New Mexico are; Hepatitis B tests, Hepatitis C tests, Herpes test, Syphilis tests, HIV tests and so on. The state propagates the need to carry out STD tests by providing information about these risks in pamphlets and making the necessary tests available in drive-in clinics whose locations and information can be gotten online.

New Mexico STD Test Centers

In New Mexico, many of the population take their STD tests in walk-in clinics and urgent care centers all around the state which are efficient in handling these cases. The costs of these tests varies around the state depending on the clinic and confidentiality is available legally for students testing for STDs.

New Mexico Sexual Transmitted Diseases Facts

  • Chlamydia is the most common STD infection within the state.
  • The rate of STD infection inNew Mexico is high, accounting for its fifth position in the ranking of states with the highest STD infections.
  • The New Mexico has an STD prevention program that has a mission to handle STD cases within the state and reduce it to its barest minimum by providing services like; consultations, notification of partner, screening, technical assistance, health care provider education.
  • There are online searchable guides available to help anyone find resources containing required services on STD issues.
  • The New Mexico STD prevention program has an expedited partner treatment where partners of positiveSTD tested cases are provided treatment to propagate proper treatment and reduce a further spread of the disease.
  • All STD cases tested positive for within the state are required by law to be reported, this information is in turn used to draw up reports on STD situation in the state.
  • STD tests can be conducted in as little as 15 minutes and results are usually gotten in three days.
  • There are clinics that offer free or discounted STD testing within the state

Are there Discounts on STD Testing?

It is possible to get a discount in STD testing in New Mexico, there are some clinics that offer free same day tests and some organizations that aim at subsidizing the costs of the tests all with the mission to reduce the spread of STDs in New Mexico. Online resources available to assess these can be gotten from; Personalabs Coupon  is built to make it easy to find affordable testing for STDs.