Michigan STD Testing

What is STD?

Basically, it is of great importance that an individual should know about Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) before going deep into the cause, test, and cure. According to the name STD, it is an infectious ailment that is spread mostly through unprotected sexual activities. STDs are also known as Venereal Diseases (VD). Some STDs are very deadly, hence the call for everyone to learn more about it for benefit of protection against the infection.

Several Causes of STD

These infections can be Bacterial STDs which include gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, or Viral STDs which include genital herpes, HIV, genital warts (HPV) and hepatitis B. Aside from sexual activities, STDs can be gotten from other means like kissing an infected person, by having oral sex with an infected person, eating of contaminated food, blood transfusion, sharing sharp objects with an infected person and various other means.

Important Facts to Know about STDs in Michigan

Living in Michigan, there are information that an individual need to know about STDs. STDs in the US as a whole is most common in Michigan. Almost everyone gets involved in sexual activities on a daily basis in Michigan. Therefore, virtually half of the population are being infected with various kinds of STDs. However, getting tested is most important for any individual that must get involved in any form of sexual activities.

In Michigan, there is an annual data collection of STDs and tests that are carried out.

In 2010, Michigan was rated as the 10th nation with chlamydia infection.

16,401 cases of chlamydia infection were reported amongst the youth of between the ages of 20-24.

In Michigan, 12,770 cases of gonorrhea infection were reported in 2012; in that same year 5,949 residents were confirmed chlamydia positive.

Between 2016 and 2017 reported cases of STDs increased rapidly in Michigan according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

Michigan STD Testing

Being ignorant of one’s sexual health status is not advisable. An individual can only get to know about his STD status by going for a test. So, early diagnosis and testing should be carried out so as to prevent spreading the infection and extending the longevity of health consequences. When one is tested STD positive, it is important to treat the infection early and accurately.

Testing and treating STDs in Michigan is very convenient, efficient and effective. Additionally, one’s private information is secured.

An individual can order for test directly from the comfort of the home. It can always be done online or by pulling a phone call across to the centers.

Michigan STDs Testing Centers

In Michigan, there is no need to go through a physical check before one is tested for STDs, bookings can be made online or via phone calls. There are free doctor consultation services upon when an individual is diagnosed STD positive. At the centers, trained medical personnel are always on hand to give replies to all inquiries, the personnel can be reached by phone through there hotlines. Tests are being done in few minutes at the centers and results are sent directly to one’s mobile phone, tablet or computer. Due to the high rate of STDs in Michigan, certified centers are all over the place to treat and cure the infection. There are several CLIA-certified test centers. There is a nearest center to every home. These test centers provide customers with elementary means that are stress-free to use. Labs in these centers are well equipped and of quality standard.

Getting Low-Cost STD Testing and Online Coupon

There is a way of getting an affordable STD testing service in Michigan. Cost for STD checks has drastically reduced with online coupons made available for everyone upon order. One can get a discount on STD tests with the STD check promo code. The process is less cumbersome. Login to the site with just one click on the required test.