Georgia STD Testing – STD Testing Centers In GA–

Georgia STD Testing – STD Testing Centers In GA–

Georgia STD Testing Saves Lives

The thought of having an STD can be frightening, but the more you know about the disease the less frightened you will be. Knowledge is power and the first step is to get tested for a suspected STD. Georgia STD testing is fast, affordable and private.

Get Checked

An STD will not go away on its own, you need to be checked and treated. Most county health departments in the state of Georgia have clinics designated for STD testing and treatment. Private health care providers can also conduct an STD test and follow up treatment. If you’re not sure where to go to be checked, call your local family planning clinic for information.

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Get Treated

Remember, any variety of STD will not go away on its own so it’s not enough just to be checked, you must follow through with the treatment. Many STDs can be treated and completely cured with antibiotics. Some STDs cannot be cured, but still need to be treated in order to prevent the disease from worsening and being spread.

Tell Your Partner(s)

If you are diagnosed with an STD you must tell your sexual partner(s). They have most likely been infected and have the same STD as you do. If they are not diagnosed and treated, they will become sick, spread the disease and may even give it back to you.

The Georgia STD statistics are low compared to other states, the rate of infection per 100,00 people are: HIV 29.4, Syphilis 10.3 and Chlamydia: 514.8.

STD Symptoms

Sores, blisters, rash, bumps or itching on the genitals or mouth are signs that an STD is present. Unusual discharge, bleeding or swelling from the genitals or rectum are also indicators something is wrong. Pelvic pain, burning in the throat or the need to urinate often are STD symptoms that should send you to the nearest Georgia STD testing facility to discover what is going on.

Take Precautions

An STD can be a matter of life and death, so you should protect yourself. Visit a Georgia STD testing site for regular testing if you are sexually active with multiple partners.

  • Talk to your health care provider about vaccines that help protect against specific types of STDs.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of STDs and get tested immediately if you develop one.
  • Use a condom every time you engage in any form of sexual activity. Condoms will provide you with almost 100% protection from all STDs, but only abstinence is 100% foolproof.
  • Look at your potential partner for signs of an STD prior to having sex.