Florida STD Testing – FL STD Testing Locations – STDTestInfo.com

Florida STD Testing – FL STD Testing Locations – STDTestInfo.com

Florida STD Testing Facilities

Florida STD testing is strictly confidential at any of the testing facilities located across the state. Embarrassment, fear and shame are often the reasons people have for not getting tested for a possible sexually transmitted disease, but rest assured that Florida STD testing facilities provide strictly confidential service in a judgment-free atmosphere. The state also has the newest cases of STDs reported in the U.S.

Affordable and Confidential STD Testing

Clinic sites for STD testing and treatment are located in each Florida County and offer services at a reasonable cost or potentially at no cost to all adults and adolescents. All clients coming in for testing and/or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, including adolescents, are assured confidential services by Florida Law.

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What To Expect

When you visit a Florida STD testing facility you will be asked questions regarding your health and that of other family members. The answers to these questions are vital for assessment of your current and future health. A physical examination and STD testing will follow the health assessment questions.
If an STD is discovered during the examination, you will be provided needed treatment and/or a prescription to have filled at a local pharmacy for medication that will treat the disease.
For those being tested for HIV, a return visit to the facility will be needed to receive the test results.

Trained Counselors

Florida STD testing facilities also have trained counselors on site to provide you with needed information regarding the prevention of reinfection and spreading of the disease.

The counselors will advise you to tell those with whom you have been recently sexually active with of your condition so they can come in for STD testing. You will also receive counseling regarding how to reduce your risk factor for contracting an STD in the future.

Facility Locations

Florida provides STD testing and education in a variety of different facilities across the state. Local health departments and private physicians are always available to provide testing, treatment, and education, but Florida STD testing goes to the people. Testing, treatment, counseling and education are made available in Florida schools, juvenile detention centers, community health fairs, local jails, teen centers, homeless shelters and other locations across the state with a trained field staff.
The Florida field staff organizes community outreach screenings for syphilis and HIV for individuals and facilitate testing, counseling, and treatment for partners of those who receive a positive diagnosis of any type of STD.

Florida STD Statistics

It’s highly recommended by FL department of health to test for STD’s for all the persons who fall in between 16 & 64. In FL, the infection rates are skiing. Below stats might be helpful in assessing the severity.

  • HIV infection rate per 100,000 people: 26.5
  • Syphilis infection per 100,000 people: 7.8
  • Chlamydia infection rate per 100,000 people: 415.1

In FL, we might see low rates for certain infections like HIV and syphilis. Chlamydia infections are on the rise that is a matter of concern for sexual wellness

If you are staying in Florida you may want to consider STD checking to understand your personal risk.