Colorado STD Testing – STD Test Locations In Colorado

Colorado STD Testing – STD Test Locations In Colorado

Colorado STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases are a growing problem in Colorado. No one is safe from this growing menace. If you think you are at risk or have displayed symptoms of an STD, get tested. Knowing if you’re infected with an STD enables you to get treatment and protect yourself and your partner from the serious health problems untreated STDs can cause. Many people spread STD to others because they don’t know they are infected. The only way to know you are STD-free is to get tested. Fortunately there are numerous fast, convenient, affordable STD testing centers throughout the state.

How Can I Get Tested In Colorado?

STD testing in Colorado can be done using blood or urine. The tests are confidential and people can get results in a matter of minutes or up to two days. There are also a number of STD test recommendation tools available online. The STD tests offered throughout the state are FDA approved. The tests are physician-monitored and conducted during convenient hours. There’s no need to get undressed for the test to be performed. Plus, it’s easy to find an STD testing location near you. You can test for a single STD or take an all-inclusive 10-test panel.

Arranging to take an STD test in Colorado is simple. You can do it by phone or online. You will be informed then if the test is free or what the minimal cost is. The tests are budget-friendly so anyone can afford it. This helps to ensure anyone that wants a test will be able to get one. As long as you are sexually active there is a chance you may have been exposed to an STD. If you think you may have been exposed to an STD, it is best to get tested. This is a good way to protect your long-term health and the health of anyone with whom you are intimate.

All testing is done by a licensed specialist. HIPAA medical privacy laws ensure your results will be kept confidential. Many testing centers accept walk-in patients. Plus the on site doctors can prescribe the medication you need to treat your STD if you test positive. The tests are safe and accurate and the doctor will not ask any embarrassing, invasive questions. You can simply have the test done, get the results and be on your way. However, it is important to get tested because STD rates in Colorado are rising every year.

STD Stats Your Need To Be Aware Of In Colorado

  • In 2010, 1,058 Hispanics were living with AIDS in Colorado
  • 15,751 women were found positive for Chlamydia in 2011
  • In 2010, Colorado ranked 21st in the nation for syphilis transmission
  • 4,051 cases of HIV/AIDS in Colorado in 2010 was the result of men having sex with other men
  • 6,057 men were positive for Chlamydia in 2011


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