STD Testing in Alaska

STDs and Infections in Alaska

According to the CDC, or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, STDs in Alaska are not rampant, but it is still wise to take precautions to ensure health at all times. For example, in the year 2011, about 600 people of an average age of 29.5 in Alaska were HIV positive, and Alaska is the 18th US state in gonorrhea rankings. Chlamydia is not rare either. One out of four Alaskans has contracted an STD without his or her knowledge. Additionally, STDs can be contagious even through the simple act of dry touching. In other words, penetration is not the only mean of STD transfers between two bodies.

STD Testing in Alaska

Fortunately for the Alaskan masses and Alaskan prospects (meaning all US citizens) as well, the health department of Alaska is very savvy about the subject, collecting data and also facilitating the proper testing needed to either confirm for the patient whether or not he or she is STD free or catch an STD in its early stages to ensure a smooth elimination.

Besides the aforementioned gonorrhea and chlamydia, some of the other tests include:

  • Hepatitis A test
  • Hepatitis B test
  • Hepatitis C test
  • Herpes test
    • Genital test
    • Oral test
  • HIV test
    • 1 and 2 antibody 4th generation test
    • RNA early detection test
  • Syphilis test

STD Testing Centers in Alaska

  • Some testing centers do not require physical exams, which is a relief.
    • Contrary to other similar cases, fasting prior to the test is not mandatory.
  • Ordering can be done in two different and convenient ways.
    • Orders can be done online.
    • Orders can be done through the phone.
  • Free doctor consultations by phone are common.
    • That is especially if the test result is positive.
  • Minors can partake regardless of parental consent.
    • That is to prevent unnecessary concern from parents.
  • Privacy is ensured by not explicitly mentioning the service type in bank statements.
    • Very few people would like STD testing to show on their records.
  • Unnecessary questioning and tedious paperwork are completely omitted.
    • The process is streamlined to cater to modern times.

STD Testing Discounts in Alaska

When it comes to discounts, they do exist mainly in the form of coupon codes. For example, 10% could be saved on a selected service before checkout. During the checkout process online, one can input the coupon code and the 10% reduction will immediately take effect before payment is established, making things convenient for the buyer.

Although many websites offer discounts, the best comprehensive website for discounts is STD Test Info as it will make navigating discounts easy for the prospective patient for a stress-free experience.

Websites of STD Centers That Are Relevant to Alaska

Center Website Coupon Code
myLAB Box MyLAB Box
Personalabs Personalabs
STD Test Express STD Test Express