Local STD Testing Centres

STDs are passed from one person to another through an intimate physical or sexual contact. Bacteria, virus or any parasite could cause it. The rate with which the sexually transmitted diseases are increasing, it has become a matter of concern for all. Therefore, a regular checkup to rule out the possibility of having STD is highly essential.

It is essential to have the information about different STDs and their major causal factors. Apart from this, if you have the know-how of local STD testing centers, it could help in taking the examination for the presence of the disease.

Gone are the days when taking the STD test was considered something to feel ashamed. Today, if you want to remain fit and healthy and keep STDs as bay, keeping in touch with a local STD testing center becomes vital. Other than this, you may also follow home testing and online testing procedures.

What are the different STD testing procedures

There are three significant ways which could help in taking the STD test. These are:

  • Testing at a hospital
  • At home STD testing
  • Online STD Testing

The traditional method of taking any medical test is by going to the concerned hospital or testing center. In case of STD check, you may follow the same procedure. There could be many reliable hospitals and clinics near you that are concerned with the same. All that you need is to locate them and take the test.

The major benefit of going to the hospital is you may consult with the doctor and discuss your issues. Proper counseling and advice could endow peace of mind instantly. With a doctor by your side, you get the assurance of getting the right treatment if the positive result came.

However, going to the hospital is not everyone’s cup of tea. The busy schedule and lack of time have changed the lifestyle completely. Sitting in the hospital for hours and waiting for your turn could be nerve-wracking. At the same time, sharing your intimate details with a complete stranger could be intimidating. Besides, there could be many other inconveniences like no leave from the job, far-off hospital, lack of transportation facility and much more.

This is when the other two options- At Home STD Testing and Online STD Testing come in handy.

At Home STD Testing

When a busy lifestyle does not allow visiting hospitals, you may consider a home kit to test STD. myLAB Box offers the home kit which eases the process of screening and does not consume your precious time.

How it works:

The whole process accomplishes in a few simple steps:

  • Order the kit from the website, and it will reach you within 2 to 3 days.
  • Read the instructions and perform the test on your own which will not take more than 5 minutes.
  • Send the sample back in our return-addressed stamped envelope and get your results within a weak.

The best part is all the kits from myLAB Box provide lab-certified results. They are authentic and genuine. Another thing which makes it alluring is your results remain confidential. Your data remain safe in their server which can be accessed only by you. Moreover, myLAB Box also offers combination test packages for better service and more comprehensiveness. For instance, Love Box comes with two kits in one so that both the partners can check out for themselves.

Online STD Testing

When going to the doctor seems time-consuming and relying on home kits doubtful, you may consider online STD testing. There are different websites like STDCheck which work online and provide you with the facility to take the test in your nearby center. It has partnered with many local testing labs to make things easy for you and less time-consuming.

How it works:

At STDcheck.com, all that you need is to enter your zip code, and it will provide you the information of all the local STD centers near you. You may enroll at the clinic suiting you the best and visit the lab at your time. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes where you provide your sample and walk away. There will be no paperwork unlike visiting hospitals and clinics.

It takes around 1-2 days to get the results. If in case your result came positive, you may consult one of the doctors for the next step. Facilities like Care Advisors available 24*7, doctors for further consultation and 100% secure assessment are the added perks of getting indulged with STDcheck.com.

The best part is they retain your privacy and thereby your medical information remains safe. Using the industry-standard encryption, your reports remain secure in their server, and only you can access it.

So now that you know that there are more ways than just the traditional one to keep a check on your sexual health, it’s high time not to neglect it. Regular testing is a must to maintain your fitness and a healthy regimen.

So test regularly and remain safe!