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Grab 15% Discount On Your First Purchase

Receive 15% off on your any test order with this exclusive Health Test Express coupon code.

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Health Test Express basically helps to reduce the issues associated with taking home health tests by bringing the kits to you rather than you making an appointment for them.

Functions of Health Test Express

Health Test Express performs a number of functions from providing home health test kits to providing online testing for patients. Health Test Express is associated with a number of laboratories and health practitioners and their online site provides health-related recommendations from professionals in the medical field. They have backing from a company called Analyses Health which aids in providing suitable and easy medical help to people.

Why Health Test Express Is Essential

The Services that Health Test Express offers is one that cannot be overlooked as they have made taking home health test very convenient and easy. Depending on what you want to test for, Health Test Express allows customers to purchase test kits that fit their needs. In terms of privacy and confidentiality, this site keeps the results completely confidential with only the health practitioner and lab having access to the results. They do not share the result with any third party unless on the authorization of the client. Professional recommendations from physicians are also available on this site.

Services Offered by Health Test Express

Health Test Express is basically an online site that delivers home health test kits tailored to the needs of the clients directly to their doorsteps. Depending on your testing need, this site will provide the test kit conveniently for you. The testing need available on this site differ and they include health, sexual health, fitness and family planning. Different test kits from thyroid test to testosterone tests to vitamin D test to fitness tests are available on this site. With the help of a health practitioner, there are special test kits available depending on the condition.

How to Use Health Test Express

All that is required before you can order your kit is to fill a medical intake form. There are a large number of tests available so clients can choose the ones that suit their needs. This site permits the patients to order for themselves to get accurate results. The kit will be delivered to the client once the order is made and sample collection follows. Samples may be from blood, urine, stool or swab. After a couple of days, the clients will receive their results with health-related recommendations from professionals. Follow up with the physician is also possible on this site.

Confidentiality and Privacy of Health Test Express

Health Test Express and its affiliated companies are under the standard privacy policies included in health practices. The laboratories they are in affiliation with are CLIA certified and they always ensure the sample collection is easy to be done in the client’s home. The result and health-related information of the client are only disclosed to the client, the physician and laboratory are also in the know but no third parties can have access to the result except on authorization of the client or by law.

Difference Between Health Test Express and Other Home Health Tests

Unlike other home health tests that offer health test kits, Health Test Express offers health test kits and professional help from physicians. These physicians can be contacted directly for further recommendations with regards to the test results. The laboratories associated with Health Test Express promptly delivers test results and unlike other home health tests, they do not waste time delivering the results to clients.

The process of Cashing in Your Coupon Code from Health Test Express

The process of redeeming your discount code is very simple with the following steps.

  • Choose the health test you want to purchase
  • To disclose the operational Health Test Express code, click on the code
  • Enter the active code
  • The discount will be added to your purchase at once

Customer Reviews on Health Test Express

Health Test Express has helped solve the problem associated with home testing by allowing clients to have the test in the comfort of their homes. Technology provided by Health Test Express has made available the services that a lot of people have needed.

A customer who purchased a metabolic health test on Health Test Express said, “The ordering process was really easy and the sample collection was simple and fast, the results were explained explicitly by the doctor who is contacted for further recommendation. I have plans on taking the test again to check on my progress”

Another customer that purchased an STD test kit said,” the test arrived with concise instructions and the packing was very neat. The results I git were very easy to understand and I prefer this experience to a doctor visit. It is a good way to update my health information”

Health Test Express FAQs

How will I receive my test kit and how will my sample be collected?

It takes one to three business days for the kit to arrive after you order for it. There are instructions on the method of sample collection and it also comes in video format. Once you’ve collected the sample, replace the kit back in the package and apply the shipping tag. Health test express has CLIA certified labs that you’ll mail the sample to for analysis.

What is the timespan to receive my test kit?

The time required depends on location but ideally, it takes two business days for shipping. For the kit to arrive at your home it’ll take one to three business days.

When will the results be ready?

It takes less than five days for the results to be received as it takes up to three business days for the sample to get to the lab. The results are sent through email and can be viewed through your account.

Will the results come with recommendations?

The test results can be viewed on your account that the results will include a detailed report. The wellness test results will indicate if you are within the normal range and the STD test results will give you information on whether or not you have a disease. Recommendations from the physicians will also be included in the results.

What are the steps to take before taking a blood spot sample?

The kit provided will come with a lancet which will be used to take small drops of blood from your finger. It is important to fast for over ten hours before taking this test.

What are the certifications of your lab partners?

All the laboratories affiliated with Health Test Express are CLIA certified.

What’s the expiration limit of the test kits?

After six months of ordering, the test kits have expired so it is important to return them after this time span.

How do I contact a physician?

A consultation schedule information will be provided for you once you have received your test results. The consultation is with a Health Test Express physician but you can share your results with your physician as well.

Why should I Use Health Test Express?

Health Test Express boasts of convenience and it is the only service that offers both test kits and physician consultation. They have an affiliation with CLIA certified laboratories and health practitioners. The ordering process is easy and the results come in quickly with full confidentiality.

How do I order on Health Test Express?

On the homepage of the website, the test kit catalogue kit can be found. Once you decide on the kit you need, click on the purchase button which will add the kit to your cart. You have the opportunity to continue ordering or checking out. Your shipping address and payment details are needed at checkout. Debit and credit cards are accepted as well as discount coupons. The coupon codes can be gotten from the website.

Review of Health Test Express Website (

Website Design

The website has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. There is the homepage which has the link to all the pages including the page where you can order for a test kit. A visitor can easily navigate this website as there are a number of important information available.

Process of Ordering

All the information on Health Test Express services and its affiliations are available on the website. The test kits information can be easily accessed from the website and clients can easily order their test kits and it will be delivered to their houses. The test kit catalog can be accessed from the website’s homepage.

Checkout Process

The website allows customers to add the kits they choose to their carts and continue shopping. You also have the option of checking out once you have ordered all you want. The checkout process involves providing delivery and payment information. Payments can be made with debit or credit cards.

FAQs Page

The website has an effective customer service and the FAQs page has all the additional website information.

Online Care

The website provides additional support for clients in case they need further recommendations. The support includes through email or phone.

Health Test Express Promo Code

Grab 15% Discount On Your First Purchase

Receive 15% off on your any test order with this exclusive Health Test Express coupon code.

Grab 15% Discount On Your First Purchase

Receive 15% off on your any test order with this exclusive Health Test Express coupon code.