Do You Know How Alcohol & Drugs Increase The Chance Of Contracting STD

Do You Know How Alcohol & Drugs Increase The Chance Of Contracting STD

Drugs And Substance Abuse Connected To STD Rise

Most of the great people in the past and today’s world are fond of consuming alcoholic drinks or drugs. This behavior is in connection with the accelerated rise in STD’s among substance abusers in this modern era. In the last three decades, the explosion of HIV and STD’s has made even the wild youth to take precautions against contracting these diseases. But it’s still unfortunate to know that the most commonly used contraceptive which is the condom still doesn’t protect people adequately from contracting STD’s. Currently, studies indicate that the rise in these infections is as a result of substance abuse.

Related health risks associated with alcohol

In U.S, alcohol is the most addictive substance abused. Despite alcohol rendering people to have impaired judgment, it also has lots of side effects like damaging the liver and forgetfulness. This forgetfulness is the one that puts lots of its consumers at the risk of contracting STD’s because they forget to wear protection and get driven by unthoughtful emotion.

What alcohol and STD’s have in common?

Alcohol causes impaired judgments and may also cause a person to take life-threatening risks like sleeping with multiple partners in one drinking spree, having sex in exchange for drugs or engaging in unprotected sex.

The rise of STD’s that are related to alcohol abuse

Contracting a sexually transmitted infection in U.S is one of the easiest things to do on this continent as the nation’s infected population stands at 110 million Americans. Most of the infected people are drunks and rarely notice any health changes in them thus they continue to engage in unprotected sex with one or numerous partners thus spreading the diseases like wildfire till the infection gets to its maturity stage.

Studies have concluded that individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol suffer from low self-esteem which leads them to engage in promiscuous sexual behavior so that they can prove their better than the rest.

When the signs of an STD are absent

Drug and alcohol addicts may less likely notice the indications of an STI. This ignorance may end up prolonging the incubation period of the disease which will, in turn, affect the time in which they could have sought medical attention. In a study conducted in a private clinic that treats STD’s showed that 30% of women and 42 % of men claimed to be drunk at the time of infection.

Doctors have even concluded that the rate of alcohol abuse and STD’s is five times higher in individuals who over consume drugs or alcohol.

The simplest way of treating Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and STI’s

There are institutions which that dedicate their services to treat individuals who suffer from alcoholism and freeing them to sobriety which greatly reduces the risk of spreading or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. There are treatable STI’s but their others which one cannot get a cure from like HIV and HPV. Individuals who intoxicate themselves with alcohol are more likely to get infected with HIV than non-consumers of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol also has adverse effects towards the treatment of HIV, making the medicine not work properly thus leading a patient to come down with infections that could be treatable with the HIV medicine. The sooner a person realizes they need help, the sooner they reduce their risks of contracting or spreading an STI.